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The Philosophy.

Skin problems are very common today–polluted air and the stresses of everyday life have their reflection on the condition of our skin.

Karin Theunissen the founder of SKNLOGIC decided to rethink skincare and create functional and effective solutions for your skin.

SKNLOGIC Cosmeceutical skin care aims to provide a skin care solution that works with the skin's biological processes to achieve visible results. SKNLOGIC has a synergistic approach to science and nature, offering powerful formulas with optimal concentrations of active ingredients to actively improve skin health and appearance from underneath the skin. We use the maximum concentration of key active ingredients and use the highest grade of quality ingredients from around the world. SKNLOGIC products does not contain any common irritants or cheap fillers such as parabens, mineral oil, formaldehyde, glycols, artificial colourants or sulphates.


At SKNLOGIC we know that your skin matters, which is why we have gone through extraordinary lengths to ensure that our products are effective, safe and affordable. Our primary focus is Science, Knowledge and Nature, and because of this we have a synergistic approach to science and nature and work to fuse these two different concepts to create effective product formulations.

SKNLOGIC offers products that are affordable and safe as well as effective. We believe that effective skin care should be accessible to everyone, we believe in the future of the industry and as we all feel the economic burden over the last few years, we realised that it was necessary to give the industry a product that is affordable to their clients but is still result orientated.

- We choose packaging that has the lowest cost possible to ensure that most of the cost of the product is made up out of the active ingredients in the product.

- Sknlogic is manufactured locally, which means saving on transport costs, customs duties and the ever weakening Rand does not affect the product in a major way.

- SKNLOGIC is part of Logica beauty supplies. Because of this structure, there are no overhead costs such as salaries, rent etc. included in the product price.

- Our passion for the skin and the industry means that we are not in it to make a profit, but to be involved in the process, learn new technologies and be a part of the community.

• SKNLOGIC is a cosmeceutical range of products.

Cosmeceutical products have a more physiological effect than cosmetic products as they contain antioxidants, exfoliators and other intercellular ingredients that are necessary to support the natural structure of the skin. SKNLOGIC facilitates an active process of reversing the signs of damage in the skin.

• SKNLOGIC products does not contain mineral oil, parabens, formaldehyde, sulphates or artificial colourants. Wherever possible we try and use nature-identical ingredients.

• Fragrance has the ability to envoke strong emotional reactions, studies have shown that light uplifting fragrances can improve our mood and sense of well-being. For this reason we wanted to include a fruit fragrance in the products. SKNLOGIC uses Flavours, which is a nature-identical aroma that does not contain any of the 36 known allergens that can be found in perfume.

• None or very limited transitional (crisis) period when starting on the range.

• SKNLOGIC is a privately owned company managed by people with a passion and drive for the beauty industry, driven first by education and research. We take pride in being true pioneers in the industry, never wavering on our initial vision of skin health and the skin health professional.

• International market trends and technological innovations initiate and drive product development. We are continuously upgrading formulations to ensure that we utilise the most stable and effective combination and concentration of active ingredients in our products. We use the maximum concentration of key active ingredients and use the highest grade of quality ingredients from around the world.

• We have not taken part in animal testing.

• We have designed specialised treatments that will not only treat the skin but leave it feeling nourished and pampered.

• SKNLOGIC is sold only where professional consultation and professional treatments are performed by professional skin therapists.

• SKNLOGIC skin care consultation wheel will simplify the consultation stage and prescribing products to your client.

• SKNLOGIC offers a solution for every skin type, gender and age.

• We have initiated the Sowing Good Seeds project, where we help with the upliftment of under privileged communities in Africa.

• We source the best active ingredients from various superior laboratories based all over the world.