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Launching Hydrating Serum

Introducing Sknlogic Hydrating serum.  An intense treatment for additional hydration and anti-ageing support. A light cream concentrated serum based on a high hydration profile of ingredients that delivers immediate moisture to saturate and refresh dehydrated skin.

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Sowing Good Seeds Bracelet

 SKNLOGIC skin care has partnered with Hands on Africa, a non-profit organisation that erects orphanages, health care centres, eye clinics and widow centres in rural Africa.

 SKNLOGIC has started the Sowing good seeds initiative in which we donate the proceeds from the sale of our Seed bracelet to Hands on Africa and the work they are doing amongst the children of Africa.

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SKNLOGIC in Sierre Leone

Karin Theunissen, the founder of SKNLOGIC and Natasha Adriaanse, the General Manager joined Hands on Africa, a non-profit organisation, on an outreach programme to their orphanage in Sierre Leone in June 2012.

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Sowing Good Seeds Initiative

sowing good seeds imageSKNLOGIC and Hands On Africa, a non-profit organisation, have joined hands to help feed, clothe and educate the children of Africa.

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Pomegranate, Then and Now.


Pomegranate was regarded by Ayurveda of India as a “pharmacy unto itself”.  Ancient Greeks used all parts of the pomegranate plant to treat a variety of conditions and infections.

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