Sowing Good Seeds Initiative

The dictionary says that happiness is the "agreeable sensations which spring from the enjoyment of good.  That state of being in which desires are gratified by the enjoyment of pleasure without pain."  Happiness is "positive pleasure or an excitement of agreeable sensations"  Mark Twain said that most of us are "about as happy as we make up our minds to be." 

Psychologists and physicians have long known that happy, cheerful people enjoy better health. It goes back several thousand years to Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, who observed that "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine." There's no question that a cheerful spirit does wonders for your health.

The question is, what's the best way to be happy? Others can give you pleasure, but the only way you're going to be happy is to do things for other people. Forest Tennant, M.D., says that serotonin, which is the "feel-good" neurotransmitter, normally hits the system full force at about ten o'clock in the morning. However, we can "jump-start" the flow of serotonin by doing something really nice for someone else.

SKNLOGIC has jump started our serotonin, and also ensured that we have a full dose of it as well, by doing as much as we possibly can to help others in need. And yes, we feel pretty happy!

SKNLOGIC has partnered with Hands on AFrica, a non-profit organisation that erects orphanages, health care centres, eye clinics and widow centres in rural Africa.

War, AIDS, malaria, cholera and famine have gradually turned AFrica into a continent full of orphaned children and teenagers.  According to the latest statistics released by the United Nations Children's fund there are 48.3 million orphans south of the Sahara desert alone.

We help Hands on Africa feed, clothe, shelter and educate these children of Africa.  Providing a home, where there once was none, a 'Mother' to care and wipe away the tears, a plate of food, where there once would be nothing to eat for days on end.

Although our love for the children of Africa is free caring for the brothers and sisters of Africa is not.  It costs around R300 per month to feed, clothe and provide a home to one of these children. 

There are numerous ways in which you can contribute to the children of Africa:

  • Sponsor a child for only R300 a month, and we will feed, clothe, educate and care for that child on your behalf.  You get a photo of the child you are sponsoring, to put up, so that other people can be inspired by  your dedication to our children.
  • Buy a Sowing Good Seed Bracelet, we will donate the proceeds from these bracelets to Hands on Africa and the children of Africa
  • Join us on a journey to either Malawi, Kenya or Sierra Leone, to spend time with the children, play with them, teach them, care for them.  You will not leave untouched.

There is a saying that goes, "What a man sows, a man becomes"  Did you realise that the harves of tomorrow depends on the seeds you sow today?  Let us sow good seeds, healthy seeds, caring seeds, seeds that will bring us health, joy and peace.

Follow Hands On Africa on their Facebook page to be inspired by the good seeds they sow among the people of Africa. Hands on Africa/Facebook