Sowing Good Seeds Bracelet

SKNLOGIC skin care has partnered with Hands on Africa, a non-profit organisation that erects orphanages, health care centres, eye clinics and widow centres in rural Africa.

War, AIDS, malaria, cholera and famine have gradually turned Africa into a continent full of orphaned children and teenagers. According to the latest statistics released by the United Nations Children's Fund there are 48.3 million orphans south of the Sahara desert alone.

SKNLOGIC has started the Sowing good seeds initiative in which we donate the proceeds from the sale of our Seed bracelet to Hands on Africa and the work they are doing amongst the children of Africa.

Hands on Africa have orphanages in Kenya, Malawi and Sierra Leone, with more than 120 children that they feed, clothe and provide shelter and education for.

For children who have no family, we provide a place they can call home.

With enough funds this number can be greatly increased.

By purchasing the Sowing Good Seeds bracelet you contribute to this unique community project and contribute to the children of Africa.