Dark Spot Control Advance Kit

Kit Contains Full Size Products: Eye Revitalize, Multi Regenerating Masque
Exfoliate Enzymatic, Diminish Day, Diminish Night, Remove Pre-Cleanser, and FREE Mask brush, Gauze & Facial Sponges.

All Products can be bought seperately. 

The Sknlogic Advance Skin care kit takes skin health to the next level.
The products are designed to combat specific skin care conditions.
These kits should be used in combination with the Essentials Kit for your specific skin type.

Hyperpigmented Skin Indicators:
Dark patches
Uneven skin tone
Melanocytes are located in the basal layer of the epidermis and the papillary layer of the dermis.
Melanocytes synthesize melanin from the amino acid tyrosine.
Environmental factors can cause some melanocytes to multiply, producing an uneven distribution of active melanocytes in the skin. The high level of melanin production by some melanocytes and not by others results in a blotchy, uneven "freckle-like" appearance of melanin on the surface of the skin.
Inflammation caused by sunlight, allergic reactions, skin damage such as a cut or a pimple.
Medication such as antibiotics, retinoids and hormone medications.
Hormonal change such as pregnancy
Genetics – it may skip generations.

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