Age Defence Advance Kit Full Size Products

Kit Includes Full Size Products: Eye Cream, Hydrating Serum, Multi Regenerating Masque, Exfoliate Enzymatic, Night Plus, Remove Pre-Cleanser, and FREE Mask brush, Gauze & Facial Sponges.

Products can be bought seperately. 

The Sknlogic Advance Skin care kit takes skin health to the next level.
The products are designed to combat specific skin care conditions.
These kits should be used in combination with the Essentials Kit for your specific skin type.

Fine lines & wrinkles. Loss of elasticity.
Thinning, roughness and uneven texture. Severe dryness.
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Ageing.
UV radiation thickens the stratum corneum by inducing keratinocyte proliferation.
Cell turn-over in the epidermis slows and the living epidermis becomes thinner.
Langerhans cells diminish and reduce the skin’s immune response.
The matrix of collagen and elastin in the dermis is more vulnerable to the outside environment and become damaged.
Collagen and elastin production in the dermis slow down.
Blood vessels of the dermis becomes more fragile.

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