Balanced and Combination Essentials Kit Full Size Products

Kit Contains Full size products: Cleanse Wash, Tone, Moist, Protect SPF 40 and Cosmetic Bag

All products can be bought seperately except for the Cosmetic Bag. 

The Sknlogic Essentials Skin care kit contains a full regimen of what your skin needs the most. After you have been on the Skin care essentials range for 4 weeks you can add the advance regimen.

Balanced Skin Indicators:
Fine even texture with a supple and smooth surface.
Pores are small and the overall skin tone is even.
May develop break outs due to increased hormonal activity which makes the sebaceous glands overactive.
Premature ageing around the eyes may also occur as this area requires more moisture and an under active sebaceous gland could contribute to premature ageing.
Combination Skin Indicators:
A combination of a partly dry and partly oily skin.
The central part of the face-the forehead, nose, chin and parts of the cheek (also known as the T-zone) are oilier and more prone to acne.
The cheeks are often dehydrated.

 The focus when caring for Balanced & Combination skin types is to regulate the natural oil balance of the skin and protect it from environmental factors.
The fruit prescribed especially for Balanced & Combination skin types is Pomegranate that balances out oily and dry zones. Alpha Hydroxy Acids work well for controlling the oil and breakouts and are non-drying so can be used on the dry areas of the face as well.

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